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Winter Carnival - Day 5

Today we visited the long term care facility in the afternoon and had a blast calling bingo and getting to see the many smiling faces of our seniors who were excited for winter Carnival to be around. We had a great stuffed chicken supper at St. Marys Church in Curling. Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow. 

-The Ambassadors



Winter Carnival - Day 4

Today was our first day with the new Leifling, Lily! We started the day by visiting Blow Me Down, and then First United for the Chili Dinner. Next we visited the Vine Place and spoke to some kids that Noah and I met during the Ambassador Contest. We went Bowling with Seniors and the RNC, and saw all the wonderful sculptures and snowmen at the park. We ate Roast Beef at All Saints Church for supper and dropped the puck at the Titans Hockey Game. Finally, we headed to the Kinsmen Variety Show - a great way to end the day!


Winter Carnival - Day 3

Today we had a great day visiting the bingo at All Hallows Church, seeing the new Leifling get selected at the Leifling Gala, and participating in a Smudging Ceremony at the Mi'kmaq event. Seeing all the bright smiling faces at the Leifling Gala really made our day, and it was especially exciting for Sophie since she participated in the gala back in the day. We're looking forward to the family day in the park tomorrow and all the excitement that will bring. 
-The Ambassadors



Winter Carnival - Day 2

Hello everyone! Today Noah and I had our first full day of Winter Carnival. We started the day with a delicious breakfast at the Legion. Then we went to the Winter Carnival Craft Expo at the Civic Centre where we saw some beautiful works by very talented crafters. We had a fantastic Egg Strata Brunch at Humber United and then went to All Hallows Church for the Seniors Card game. 
We had a blast today and we can't wait to meet the new Leifling tomorrow!
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