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Heading into the final weekend.   Where does the time go?   After a delcious meal of baked beans at Bennett Hall,  the committee headed to the mountain for the 54th Old Sam races,  with our chair Vicki taking part.  I made a new friend at Marble,  his name is Charlie from Port Rexton.  A personable little boy who was so excited to have met "a real Viking"!  I'm glad to have met you, Charlie, you have true Carnival Spirit.  Mrs. Lucky and I were guests with Eddie Scheer on NTV at suppertime,  then it was back into town to join the Elks for the annual beard growing contest.  A treat this year was the First Unted Accordian Group with Ron Shepperd.  With a tasty roast beef dinner to help us power up,  our next challenge was Scottish dancing.  And, yes, we danced!  Well, we tried, but it was great fun. And the Scottish society always makes us feel so welcome.   The night closed out at the Legion for the Carnival Dance.   Always great music by The Mixed Tapes.  Thanks once again, Max, for allowing me to take over your drums for a few songs.    

Two more days to go.  See you on our rounds...

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