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Day 10 and done for another year.   But what a carnival.   We did our final run at All Hallows for brunch then visited Story Telling and Arts.   The closing ceremonies saw a large crowd at the Legion with Joe Russell providing some wicked party music!  A great spot for Mrs. Lucky to celebrate her birthday! Thank you Bev Smith for your kind words;  we go back to my beginning with carnival and we have so many special memories.  The Hymn Sing at the Salvation Army Citadel closed this year's carnival.  As always a capacity crowd in attendance.      We took the final bus ride and everyone said their goodbyes.  To our Ambassadors, Sophie and Noah,  you're wonderful,  it's been a pleasure to share the last ten days with you.  Leifling Lily did not want it to end.  Mrs. Lucky and I delivered her to her door and said a tearful goodnight.   Thank you Mark and Erin for sharing your precious daughter with us.    We hope you all cherish this moment.   To Vicki, and your wonderful committee,  thank you for your Spirit and your dedication, for all your acknowledgements and kind have made me feel very special. You have fueled the fires for next year. I can't wait to step out of my snow hut to greet next year's chair, Roger Down.        And thank you to the people of Corner Brook and the many visitors who take part in our carnival.  It is, after all,  for you.    On that note,  farewell until we meet again.     

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