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The weather has been just great for getting out and enjoying carnival.   Had soup with folks at St. Micheals,  Leifling, the Ambassadors, our Patron and I paid  a visit to our friends at Long Term Care where we called some bingo games and enjoyed the music of Ron Shepperd.    Had a delciious serving of meatballs and rice at Oakland United and finished the evening at the Lions bingo.  A quiet day,  home early getting re-charged for the second half of carnival.  

Happy Birthday, Belle!



Thoroughly enjoyable day.  The bus picked up Leifling Lily at her home and we started our day: chili dinner, family skating ( I had a wild time being pushed around the rink on a chair! ), seniors bowling, and the family day in the park. The weather was perfect, hundreds of people out, 85 snow sculptures created,  the winner an amazing airplane with operating propellor!  Leifling had lots of pictures taken.  We had cabbage rolls at All Hallows, then finished the day at the Kin Variety Show, where Lily was introduced to the packed house.  The show was a tremendous showcase of talent,  from the youthful school jazz band to seasoned veterans. Nobody went away disappointed.  What a great start to Carnival.  You can't help but have fun.



Wonderful day.   Bingo at All Hallows, then made our way to St. Gerard's for the 13th Leifling Gala,  featuring a joyful group of participants.    Judges were Miss Teen NL Jessica Skinner, Tony Buckle, former chair of the carnival committee, and Jennifer Elms, inspiration for the Leifling persona.  Their Honors, LG Fagan and Mrs.Fagan were our special guests again.   Such spirited people themselves,  we are lucky they choose to be a part of our carnival each year.  

The partcipants were very creative with their costumes and sword fighting skills.  A few surprises (such as an unfolding sword from Sadie MacDonnell !!) made the show a real hit.    The judges made their difficult decision and annouced Lily Smallwood as our new Leifling.   The fun for Lily begins tomorrow. Welcome to Carnival time, Leifling!     

After the show we visited the Qualipu gathering and took part on the smudging ceremony.   The evening show was the Not-So-Newly-Wed Game.  As always, eye-opening information and laughs a-plenty.   Good sports all.  Host Lenny Benoit in sharp form as always      See you at the Party in the Park tomorrow afternoon...



After a good sleep,  it's right into a full day.  We started at the Legion having breakfast with LG Fagan and Mrs. Fagan,  Premier Ball and other government members,  and lots of folks from the community.   Then we visited the craft fair at the Annex.   Next stop the 9th Chili Cook-Off.   Big crowd as usual,  tasting 12 different chilis,  all wonderful to the taste buds.    Congratulatons to Steve Mugford who has now claimed two chili championships in the past three years.  Leaving with a bellyful of powerful food  (the committee members are scared of Leif at these times...I don't know why!! ),  we watched a few games of cards at All Hallows.  After supper,  we dropped by to pass on personal greetings to Minister Gerry Byrne as friends and colleages gathered to celebrate his 20 years in politics.   The Kinsmen's Kin-tucky Derby was a success again this year with a full house and lots of horse laughs.  We wrapped up the night back at the Legion at the annual Seniors Dance,  where the committee took to the dance floor and closed out the time with a rollicking AC/DC air-guitar display by myself and our photographer, Tina Randell,  who showed tremendous skill playing a broom! Welcome to the "band", Tina.   Carnival Spirit Is Alive And Well!!!  A good rest now to get ready for Sunday.



It's so good to be back!   Another ten days of winter wonder ahead.   A lovely opening at the park, the weather was perfect, and so nice to see everyone taking part.  Having so many family members in attendance was a highlight.   Some visiting and taking part in Leif's arrival from within the snow hut for the first time.   Our annual visit to the Westmount Club was met with a full crowd who welcomed the committee with such enthusiasm.  It was a great start and I'm looking forward to sharing the next ten days with Vicki and her committee...and, of course, you,  the people of Corner Brook and area.

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