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Sunday Day 10

The last day of an amazing ten days, this day brings mix emotions , we are all tired however sad we will be going our own way after today. 

We started the day with brunch at All Hallows, then story time and crafts at the Arts and Culture.

we then visited the bowling alley where Lilly's brother was celebrating his 5ft birthday.

now it was time for the closing  ceremonies at the Legion. This was a very exciting event, lots of music, dancing 

by kids and adults, also characters dressed in costumes. There were thanks, greetings, a tribute to 

Leif on his 25th anniversary, birthday greetings to Sandra on her birthday, introductions of committee,

land lots of pictures.   Supper was at Aromas followed by the closing at the Salvation Army. We sang lots

of old well known hymns, had a very uplifting talk by Captain Pam. Then came the time for Vicki to receive her

green scarf, this was a very emotional monment with a few tears! Lunch ! best wishes and farewells

ended the evening.  The final bus ride for the group, we were happy and sad, we took Lilly home first! This

brought tears as Lilly was upset. We all parted with hugs and tears as each one arrived home. 😭😭😭









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