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Wednesday, Day 6

First stop, Fish cakes and baked beans at the Loin's rec centre. Myself and Lilly, Our new Leifling had

an interview with Wendy at Rogers cable 9. A delicious Jiggs supper at The Salvation Army was a great hit.

next we went to the Cyber Zone and played laser tag. Some of us had no idea what to expect, however it was fun. Another great day with the Carvinal group.  



Tuesday, Day5

The morning was spent at St. Michael's where our own ACW hosted a soup and pie luncheon. The 
afternoon was at Long Twrm Care, playing Bingo followed by music and dancing., next stop was supper
at St. Mary's where we enjoyed stuffed chicken breast. The final event for the day was Bingo at the Loin's rec centre.Dawn was the only pro so she had her hands full keeping us on track with what cards to play when. 
Winners were Dawn who won a turkey and Vivki won money twice!! She was advised to invest! We had a lot 
of fun and ended the day in great spirits.

Monday, Day4

Bus picked us up at 10am and we visited the Blow Me DownTrails where we all enjoyed French fries with hambermeat and Gravey. we then dropped into Vine Place where the children were building snow schulphers 
and sliding.this was followed by desert at First United church.then we were off to the bowling, Karen and myself
scored 76 each.  Not too bad! Then we hit the park for fun day, the schulphers were amazing, we dressed in hats etc for pictures and went sliding on Tubes, it was great fun. Supper was Cabbage rolls at All Hallows
and finally the Kinsmen Variety show which was excellent entertainment and enjoyed by all. 
It was a super day and we all went home with lots of fun memories!

Sunday Day 3

Bus picked up up at 12:30 pm and we dropped into the bingo game at All Hallows. Then we were off to the
13th annual Liefling Gala. Special guests were Gov. General Fagan and his wife Patricia. The kids were 
amazing and I am glad I wasn't a judge. The new Leifling is Lilly Smallwood and she is a delight to be 
with to share the upcoming events.  Folling this event we went to the Bennett Hall  to the Aleipoo Day and 
took part in the Smuging cermoney. Next was supper at the Quality Inn, then the Not so Newley Wed game.
This was a great event with lots of laughs. The highlight of. The day for me was when Roger. Asked
"Who Wants To Hit Me In The Face With A Snowball?" I yelled, Me Me!   He was serious, you know the rest!!
Home to bed after another great day,

Saturday Day 2

The day started with breakfast at the Legion, special guests were Gov. General and wife. We then went 
to a craft fair at thePepsi centre and also dropped by a hockey game. Lunch of egg strata was enjoyed
at Humber United church. Following lunch we visited All Hallows's to the card game, Some of us played a very 
robust game of Pass the Ace and Bingo. Donna couldn't hold herself back and kept shouting 'Bingo' we were
very politely told we made more noise then the card players!! The bus drove around looking for snow
sculptures, then we went to Vicki's for some R and R. The Lets Speak Out game was a hit with the group we ten enjoyed pizza for supper. After our much needed rest we dropped into the reception for Hon. Gerry Byrne
Gala where Lief brought greetings And-congratulations on his 20 th anniversary in government. Then we were
off to the Kenduckey Derby, some of us were lucky, however Sandra walked away a winner!!.
The evening ended at the Legion for the senior's dance. We all took to the dance floor, Leif and Tina put on a great show with  a sword and mop to the music of AC/DC. It was a hit! Bus took us home just after midnight.
It was a wonderful day from start to finish. Looking forward to day 3.