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The Corner Brook Winter Carnival is an annual community festival dedicated to the celebration of winter, fostering of community spirit and pride, and encouragement of economic development and tourism.  Opportunities are provided for residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy unique experiences in sports, recreation, entertainment and culture within a ‘snowfunland’ theme. 

“Leif the Lucky”, our Carnival Mascot, reflects Newfoundland’s heritage and the fun and games of carnival time.

 Our long-term goals for Corner Brook Winter Carnival include:

  1. Produce an annual Winter Carnival in Corner Brook area.
  2. Maximize awareness and participation by residents, visitors, and tourists.
  3. Encourage a festive atmosphere in Corner Brook and surrounding area.
  4. Contribute to an environment that enables local charities, organizations, and businesses to successfully participate in Carnival.
  5. Improve the image of Corner Brook and area as a vibrant community and as an attractive tourist destination.
  6. Foster a Carnival image that reflects its strong community base, Newfoundland culture and hospitality, and a winter fun experience.
  7. Be the largest and best Winter Carnival in Atlantic Canada and to continue annual improvements in our program.
  8. Strengthen and capitalize on “Leif the Lucky".
  9. Maintain self-sufficiency in terms of management and finances.