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David Smallwood




Elizabeth and I moved to Corner Brook in 1975 from St. John’s where winter was one miserable season, one to be endured, certainly one difficult to enjoy. Imagine our joy at finding Corner Brook’s crisp snowy days, bright sunshine and a community committed to making the most of this beautiful weather.

There was even a weekend devoted to fun in the snow. After our first winter here, this fun in the snow weekend was extended to a week and most significantly the mid-Monday was declared a Civic holiday. It was this celebration of winter that helped us decide to stay in this wonderful city forever.

Forty plus years later and we are still delighted with that decision. We have raised
five children, two of whom still live here, and have 10 (and counting) grandchildren: one, Lily, was last year’s Leifling. We have built snow sculptures, eaten chilli, tobogganed, skied, consumed lots of bacon and eggs and enjoyed LEIF the LUCKY emerge from his cave amidst our friends, neighbours and family. We’ve watched fireworks and, like kids, oohed and aahed at the colours and sounds

Winter Carnival, more than any other festival in our city makes our lives here richer, our attachment to our town stronger and our enjoyment of winter easier; freezing toes, fingers and ears are easily warmed by hot chocolate, good friends and wonderful community spirit.

Our continued gratitude goes to the volunteers who put hours of their time into making every carnival so memorable. It is indeed a pleasure and very much an honour for me to be patron of this year’s carnival.